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March 14, 2023 Lobby Day to #PassNYHealth!

2022 Gala Celebrating Single Payer Champions

Dark background graphic with the following text: "Annual Gala/Save the Date!/Celebrating Single-Payer Champions/Fighting for Health Justice/Monday June 13, 2022."  Against the dark background, there are a variety of medical related cartoon images, mostly with a light blue/teal color scheme (think a little ambulance, a tiny monopoly looking hospital, three nurses in teal scrubs).  The PNHP NY Metro logo is in the top left corner.

Care for Every Body 5K! Oct 10, 2021

Graphic with red background featuring a white circle with red silhouetted figures going around walking, rolling, running, biking, etc. Many figures are holding signs in support of single payer. Red bold text in the center reads: Care for Every Body 5k Fun Run Walk Roll

Single Payer Honorees 2021 Gala

Bright pink & blue horizontal stripes & text promoting the 2021 gala