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Join us at the 2024 NYC Labor Day Parade on Saturday, Sept 7 to distribute information about the NY Health Act & talk with union members about this transformational legislation! RSVP HERE to join the canvassing team.

Our educational forums will be suspended for July & August and will return in September.


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Fed up with for-profit healthcare?

Join our #MedStoryMonday campaign featuring stories from health workers, students and patients in support of the NY Health Act & Medicare for All!

Physicians, nurses, midwives, dentists, residents, public health workers and students, medical students, doulas, home care workers: we want to hear from you!

CLICK HERE for examples and CLICK HERE to share your story today to be featured in a #MedStoryMonday quotegraphic!

Recent Online Educational Forums

CLICK HERE for videos and information related to our past forums:

  • October 2023 Forum: Educate, Liberate, Elevate: Youth Justice Through Healthcare
  • September 2023 Forum: Organizing to Build Support for the NEW New York Health Act
  • May 2023 Forum: The Fight for LGBTQIA+ Rights and the Struggle to Expand and Guarantee Care for Every Body
  • April 2023 Forum: Film & Forum: American Hospitals
  • March 2023 Forum: The NY Health Act + Our 2023 Health Policy Package: Preparing for Lobby Day
  • February 2023 Forum: Delivering Birth Justice: Why is giving birth in the US so dangerous and costly, and what can we do about it?
  • January 2023 Forum: New Year, Renewed Resolve: Building the Local and National Movement for Healthcare for All
  • December 2022: A Celebration of Assemblymember Richard Gottfried & the New York Health Act
  • November 2022: Indigenous Peoples’ Health: Inequities, Innovations & Lessons 
  • October 2022: NYC Administrative Code 12-126: What is it and what would Amending it Mean for NYC Public Employees?
  • October 2022: How Private Equity Makes US Sicker
  • September 2022: Environmental Justice is Health Justice: Exploring the Relationship between Environmental Health Advocacy and Single Payer
  • May 2022: There is NO Health Care Justice without Abortion and Repro Health Justice!
  • April 2022: Legislative Focus: NY Health Act and Ending Medical Debt - Preparing for Lobby Day
  • March 2022: Why US Prescription Drug Prices are Too High... and How to Treat It
  • February 2022: Privatizing Medicare Part II: How it Really Works
  • January 2022: Privatizing Medicare: Impacts on Patients and Doctors
  • November 2021: Single Payer: Everyone Has a Role to Play
  • September 2021: Activism as a Health Professional Student: Finding Ways to Join Local Efforts
  • June 2021: NYC Plans for Medicare Advantage
  • May 2021: Substance Use and Single Payer: Connecting the Dots
  • April 2021: Why Hospitals & the People They Serve Should Support Single Payer & the NY Health Act
  • March 2021: Achieving Healthcare for All: The NY Health Act for a Just COVID Recovery
  • February 2021: Invest In Our New York: Education, Housing, Food, Jobs, & Health
  • January 2021: Unequal Treatment: The Unjust Death of Dr. Susan Moore
  • November 2020: COVID-19, Long-Term Care, Single-Payer & the Elections
  • June 2020: COVID Capitalism and the Fight for Health Care Justice and Societal Transformation
  • May 2020: Combatting COVID & Building Resilience: Health, Jobs, & Homes
  • April 2020: The Roles of Racism & For-Profit Healthcare in Pandemic Response Failures

Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP) is a single-issue organization advocating a universal, comprehensive single-payer national health program. PNHP has 22,000 members and over 50 chapters across the United States.

Since 1987, we've advocated for reform in the U.S. health care system. We educate physicians and other health professionals about the benefits of a single-payer system--including fewer administrative costs and affording health insurance for the 30 million Americans who have none.

Our members and physician activists work toward a single-payer national health program in their communities. PNHP performs ground breaking research on the health crisis and the need for fundamental reform, coordinates speakers and forums, participates in town hall meetings and debates, contributes scholarly articles to peer-reviewed medical journals, and appears regularly on national television and news programs advocating for a single-payer system.

PNHP is the only national physician organization in the United States dedicated exclusively to implementing a single-payer national health program.