Take Action

1) Request a Speaker

PNHP-NY Metro provides expert speakers to discuss health care reform and present the evidence that improved Medicare-for-All is the solution.



2) Sign up 

Stay up to date with PNHP-NY Metro's work for single-payer health care.



3) Become a member of PNHP National

Become a member today!



4) Contribute to PNHP-NY Metro

Financial contributions to Physicians for a National Health Program-NY Metro Chapter are tax-deductible. Your dollars will support the organization's efforts to educate and advocate for universal single-payer health care.
Membership in PNHP National is included in contributions of $250 or more!



5) Sign the Petition!

All physicians, residents, and medical students are encouraged to sign out 10,000 Doctors Petition to show illustrate the scale of physician support for the New York Health Act.



6) Join a campaign