Webinar: Letters to the Editor & Op-Eds


Objectives of the webinar:  

  1. Craft openings that hook attention
  2. Connect the political with the personal, so your reader cares
  3. Choosing language that persuades 
  4. Best Practices for getting published

If possible, take 5 minutes to consider these 4 questions for a healthcare topic you care a lot about:

o   Who — are you writing to (imagine a person you know)?

o   What — is the one big idea you want to convince them of?

o   Why — you are the right person to tell them about this?

o   How — do you want them to respond now they’ve heard you?

We hope that at the end of this webinar, you will have the beginnings a letter to the editor or op-ed + the tools to finish crafting it, so that the Letters to the Editor team can help you submit it to media outlets!

And please take a look at the rest of our Digital Day of Action for BOLD movement on healthcare in 2020! https://www.pnhpnymetro.org/lobbyday031720

March 17, 2020 at 1:00pm - 2pm
virtual conference via Zoom (via computer or phone line)
YuLing Koh Hsu · · 646-325-7286
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