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  • donated 2024-05-16 21:35:56 -0400

    In-person Tickets - Celebrating Single Payer Champions 2024 Benefit

    Purchase your selected in-person tickets to attend our 2024 Benefit Celebrating Single-Payer Champions below!
    We look forward to toasting our 2023 Single-Payer Champions with you!

    If purchasing tickets for 2 or more people, please list the ticket-holder's names in the comment box below!

    To make a different selection or for more information about our Benefit Celebrating Single-Payer Champions click here.
    If you are unable to attend in person, please purchase virtual tickets by clicking here!


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    Matching Fund Opportunity - Fall 2023

    PNHP-NY Metro’s Advisory Board has stepped up to launch a Fall Matching Fund - every dollar donated below will be matched, up to $20,000!

    Please donate below!
    This matching-gift opportunity has been made possible thanks to our incredible
    Advisory Board. Made up of an inspiring team of physicians, activists, researchers, social workers, nurses, students, and more, our Advisory Board is essential to the smooth functioning of the NY Metro Chapter. With contributions ranging from political expertise to fundraising prowess and networks that empower our programming, we could not be more thankful for their participation in our work.

    In light of the financial challenges currently facing our Chapter, our Advisory Board has taken action to raise the essential funds required to continue our advocacy efforts and sustain our invaluable staff members, Morgan Moore and Mandy Strenz.

    Morgan and Mandy are the backbone of our Chapter, and having two dedicated full-time staff members has significantly boosted our capacity to advance our mission. Over the past year, their efforts have led to significant accomplishments, including:

    🎯 Developing and executing a Universal Healthcare Legislative Advocacy Fellowship to train a new generation of health workers and students to be leaders in single payer advocacy.
    🎯 Increasing outreach to professional organizations and unions, and strategizing with coalition partners to promote the NY Health Act.
    🎯 High quality monthly educational forums with focuses ranging from lessons to be learned from the Indian Health System to the current attacks on the LGBTQIA+ community and the resulting health challenges, especially to the transgender community.
    🎯 Enhancing collaboration with movement partners to advance health justice initiatives.
    🎯 Creating relationships with state and federal legislators to educate them about the dangerous attempts to privatize Medicare that are diverting public tax dollars away from care and into corporate pockets.

    Picture of the PNHP NY Metro Single Payer Champions and Community Activist Award recipients of 2023

    Please consider contributing to the Matching Grant below - keep in mind that for each dollar donated, your contribution goes twice as far, thanks to the generosity of our Advisory Board. As always, donations are tax deductible and go directly to supporting our programming and maintaining both Morgan and Mandy on our team. We cannot carry on this work without your support.

    To contribute by check - please make checks payable to PNHP NY Metro, write "Match" in the Memo/For line, and mail to:
    PNHP NY Metro 310 W. 86th St. #6B, New York, NY 10024


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    Robert Auerbach Memorial Gifts

    In memory of Dr. Robert Auerbach


    Dr. Robert Auerbach was a NYC dermatologist who practiced across NYU-Bellevue-Manhattan VA. During his residency at the University of Chicago (1960-1962) he moonlit for Dr. Quentin Young, making house calls for poor residents living in Chicago’s South Side.  He taught his 10 year old son, the future Dr. Steve Auerbach, in circa 1970 "what we need is Medicare starting at age zero."

    Thanks Dad and Mom for raising me to be committed to social justice including health justice.

    - Steve Auerbach, MD


  • donated 2023-06-13 16:41:47 -0400

    Celebrating Single Payer Champions 2023 - Ads

    Purchase ad space in our digital program for your organization or use the space to send a special message to our 2023 honorees. The ads will be projected during the 2023 Reception Celebrating Single Payer Champions and distributed digitally to all supporters.

    You can see a sample of a past Digital Journal here:

    $800: FULL-PAGE AD

    20" W x 11.25" H, (1920 x 1080px 16:9) min 300 dpi
    Social Media Promotion*
    1 Ticket Included


    $500: HALF-PAGE AD

    10" W x 11.25" H (960 x 1080px) min 300 dpi
    Social Media Promotion*



    10" W x 5.6" H (960 x 540px) min 300dpi

    *If you would like social media promotion, please provide a version of your artwork that is square, along with any copy you would like as part of a caption.


    Thursday June 15, 2023 by 4:00pm

    Send artwork or questions to Mandy:

    Payment can be made by credit card below

    or checks may be made payable to "PNHP-NY Metro" and mailed to our temporary pandemic mailing address:

    PNHP-NY Metro
    310 W. 86th St. #6B
    New York, NY 10024

    Samples from years past:














    Wish our honorees well with messages of support and encouragement!


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    Celebrating Single Payer Champions - In-person Tickets

    Reception banner invite graphic with title name date & sparkling glitter background

    Purchase your in-person tickets to attend our Reception Celebrating Single-Payer Champions below!
    For the first time since 2019, we will be hosting this annual gathering in-person to celebrate our work as a community. We’re very much looking forward to toasting our 2023 Single-Payer Champions with you all!
    You can find more information about this reception Celebrating Single-Payer Champions, our honorees, and our work here.

    If you are unable to attend in person, please purchase virtual tickets by clicking here!


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    Peter Smith Memorial Gifts

    Dr. Peter Smith & Dr. Patricia O'Neill looking at us and smiling warmly

    In memory of Dr. Peter Smith and Dr. Patricia O'Neill

    We are deeply saddened by the loss of Peter R Smith, MD, retired pulmonologist and PNHP - NY Metro Board Member, and his wife, Patricia O’Neill, MD, a lead trauma surgeon at Brookdale Hospital, on February 17th, 2023.  Both will be greatly missed. 

    Over the past few years, Peter had been an incredibly active member of the Board of Directors of PNHP-NY Metro.  In addition to participating in the Executive and Finance Committees, Peter led the Program Committee.  His largest contribution, however, was as Chair of the Education and Outreach Working Group.  He tirelessly worked to spread information about single-payer healthcare at both the state and federal levels.  Regularly speaking at Grand Rounds and other professional meetings, Peter also helped coordinate a robust outreach program to identify grassroots groups to not only educate people about alternatives to the country’s current health system, but also to provide them with ways to engage in advocacy towards that goal.  

    Peter received his medical degree from Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons and was a member of Phi Beta Kappa.  He served as Chief of the Division of Pulmonary Medicine and Co-Director of the Thoracic Center and Co-Director of the Asthma Center, director of the Adult Cystic Fibrosis Center, and director of the Smoking Cessation Center all at Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, NY.  Peter was a Professor of Clinical Medicine at SUNY-Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, and was the author of more than 80 scientific publications.  He was a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and the American College of Chest Physicians, and a member of the American Thoracic Society, Society of Critical Care Medicine, and the New York Academy of Sciences.  Peter served on the board of directors of the American Lung Association of Brooklyn for 15 years and was past president of that organization and the American Lung Association of New York City. 

    Voted one of the "Best Doctors in New York" by New York Magazine, Peter was also selected for inclusion in the Castle Connolly Guide, "The Best Doctors - New York Metro Area" and the Woodward White Guide, "The Best Doctors in America.”

    The family welcomes you to make a contribution to PNHP - NY Metro, below, in Peter and Patricia's honor.


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    Become a Monthly Sustaining Donor!

    We are a member-supported organization and cannot do this work without you.

    Thank YOU for volunteering, showing up, and donating. 

    We need you now more than ever! Sustaining donations allow us to budget for the future most effectively and build momentum for guaranteed care for all and total health justice. Your tax-deductible contribution, no matter how small or large, goes towards organizing that ranges from the production of informational materials, direct actions, work in the community, collaborating with medical students and residents, monthly forums, building leadership, keeping the lights on and more!

    Become a monthly sustaining donor below or click here to make a one-time contribution.

    Take the opportunity to become a member of national PNHP!

    Make a monthly sustaining donation of at least $25/month below!


    Make a one-time contribution of $250 or more by clicking here!

    Gift Memberships: To honor someone with membership benefits, please email to inquire.

    To contribute by check:
    Make checks payable to "PNHP-NY Metro" and mail to:

    PNHP-NY Metro Chapter, 310 W. 86th St. #6B, New York, NY 10024

    PNHP - NY Metro is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization; all donations are tax deductible.


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  • donated 2019-12-23 19:29:10 -0500

    Support Upstate Organizing for Single Payer Healthcare

    $2,343.00 raised
    GOAL: $10,000.00


    Physicians for a National Health Program New York Metro chapter is committed to building a statewide movement for single-payer healthcare.

    Single-payer healthcare is gaining momentum like never before thanks to grassroots organizing that is bringing attention to increasing inequities in healthcare.

    The road to victory is not certain but we are on our way to winning guaranteed healthcare for all. Please give generously to support continued organizing in upstate New York!

    To contribute by check, make checks payable to PNHP-NY Metro with "Upstate" in the memo and mail to: PNHP NY Metro Chapter, 131 W. 33rd St., 4th Fl., New York, NY 10001


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    Student Advocacy Fund

    $1,350.00 raised
    GOAL: $12,000.00

    Donate today to send a student to the Annual PNHP Leadership and Advocacy Training and National Conference in Philadelphia in November! 

    This fund will also support our 2019-2020 Student Fellows, who coordinate the statewide network of 11 NY-Metro area SNaHP chapters who have been instrumental in building momentum for Medicare for All.

    New York students have placed op-eds in the NY Times (first pro-single-payer piece in a decade!), Business Insider, City and State NY, Albany Times Union, and more. 

    They organized a national SNaHP conference in March, drawing over 150 health professional students to New York City.

    They were a major part in organizing the “Pharma Greed Kills” protest at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals against price-gouging and for single-payer with tough price negotiations as the solution. 

    By contributing today to the Student Advocacy Fund, you can give students an experience that will have a profound impact on their careers, advocacy for their patients, and the future of healthcare in the U.S.





  • wants to volunteer 2018-05-12 18:22:16 -0400

    Poor People's Campaign Actions

    Physicians for a National Health Program and the Campaign for New York Health have endorsed The Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival, as have several other doctors’ advocacy organizations. The Poor People's Campaign is uniting people nationwide to challenge systemic racism, poverty, the war economy, ecological devastation, and healthcare inequities. Their demands include “the expansion of Medicaid in every state and the protection of Medicare until the full implementation of single-payer universal health care for all.

    The Poor People's Campaign will launch by engaging in 40 days of highly publicized, non-violent direct action in 30 states between May 13 and June 21, culminating in a major rally in Washington, DC on Sat., June 23. This will include rallies and civil disobedience in state capitals each Monday (except for Tues., May 29, because of Memorial Day on Monday). The Albany actions will be on May 14, May 21, (Tues.) May 29, June 4, June 11, and June 18, each week with a particular political theme. We would especially encourage participation in the June 4 actions, for which the theme is environmental protection and the right to healthcare access. Whether on June 4 or the other dates, it’s a great opportunity to bring our demand for universal, single-payer healthcare to a wider audience. We also hope you'll join us in Albany on Tuesday, June 5 for the annual Rally and Lobby Day for the New York Health Act!

    A White Coats Brigade in the Poor People’s Campaign is being organized by health professionals and health-profession students (physicians, nurses, PAs, social workers, etc.) to participate in their white coats or other professional attire (scrubs, etc.). Besides offering a visible white-coat presence at actions, health professionals will provide any needed medical aid.

    Please indicate below if you would like to join any of the actions in Albany, either as part of the White Coats Brigade or as a non-health-professional supporting single-payer. If you have questions, email [email protected]. Once you RSVP, you will receive an email with details for how to register for each action and a volunteer sign up for Capital District Volunteers.

    Here are the themes for each week of the 40 Days of Action:

    Mon., May 14: Child Poverty, Women and people with Disabilities
    Mon., May 21: Systemic Racism, Voter Suppression and Immigration
    Tues., May 29: The War Economy, Veterans and Education
    Mon., June 4: Ecological Devastation and Health
    Mon., June 11: Systemic Poverty, Jobs, Income and Housing
    Mon., June 18: Challenging the Nation’s Distorted Moral Narrative

    Transportation is being coordinated from all over New York State.


    Please RSVP and we will do our best to connect everyone to the buses and carpools. Thank you!

    Become a volunteer

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    Support Upstate Organizing

    $9,458.00 raised
    GOAL: $10,000.00

    The PNHP Metro Chapter is committed to building a truly statewide movement for universal single-payer health care. Your donations will help us to continue this important work. 


  • posted about 10,000 Doctors for NY Health on Facebook 2017-11-22 18:25:26 -0500
    Return medical decision-making to doctors, patients, science, and public health. Sign the petition and #PassNYHealth

    1,304 signatures

    Doctors for NY Health Petition

    Current and future physicians, please add your name below.

    The injustices within the current U.S. healthcare system have never been more apparent. We must create a system that guarantees care for everybody. The New York Health Act will provide comprehensive, universal health coverage — including long-term care — for every resident of New York. 

    We are current and future physicians of New York State.

    Before the COVID pandemic, we were seeing patients needlessly suffering–unable to pay for medications, tests, and doctor visits, delaying treatment, and failing to address treatable illnesses. Now, as the effects of this unprecedented public healthcare crisis continue to unfold, we are witnessing the consequences of the fragmented and unequal system of care: Black and immigrant communities have seen the highest rates of death from COVID, millions of people lost their employer-sponsored health plan just when they needed it most, and under-insurance continues to be a problem, especially for mental healthcare, dental care, and home care. Private insurance companies posted record profits through the height of the pandemic and continue to make a killing today, following the rollback of the federal public health emergency that ended free coverage of COVID testing and treatment, putting it back in the hands of the profiteers. We cannot remain quiet while the current health insurance system causes millions of New Yorkers to struggle with preventable illness and death.

    Every one of our patients deserves to receive the care they needWe urge you to support the New York Health Act and replace private insurance with comprehensive, universal healthcare for every New Yorker. 

    Here’s how New Yorkers will benefit:

    1. Comprehensive coverage. All residents, regardless of immigration status, will be covered for: primary, preventive, and specialty care; hospitalization; mental health; reproductive health; dental, vision, and hearing; long-term care and support services; and prescription drugs and medical supplies. It will be more comprehensive than commercial health plans.

    2. Freedom to choose. No network restrictions. Patients will choose the doctors they want and make healthcare decisions with them, not with insurance companies.

    3. Fair funding. No more premiums, deductibles, or co-pays. Universal coverage funded through a graduated tax on income, based on ability to pay. Healthcare costs will be reduced for 98% of New Yorkers. Most business healthcare expenditures will also be reduced.

    4. Decreased administrative costs. No more paying insurance companies’ administrative costs and profits. No more time spent by doctors, hospitals, employers, and patients completing forms and negotiating with insurance companies. The total savings is estimated to be $45 billion. Healthcare will be accountable to the public’s health, not to insurance company stockholders.

    5. Reduced cost of drugs and devices. Direct negotiation with pharmaceutical companies and medical device makers will bring prices down by as much as 40%.

    Today, 25 states are considering single-payer legislation. New York is the closest to passing a bill. Make our state a national leader in pandemic recovery by supporting and passing the New York Health Act and enshrining health as a human right for all. Passing the NY Health Act has never been more urgent.


    Oliver Fein, MD; Danny Lugassy, MD; Danny Neghassi, MD; Cheryl Kunis, MD; Roona Ray, MD, MPH; Peter Steinglass, MD; Julie Wegener, MD; Michael Zingman, Medical Student, Columbia P&S.

    Scroll down to sign!

    PRINT the Doctors for NY Health Petition HERE.
    View the list of physicians who have endorsed the New York Health Act HERE.

    Organizational Endorsers List Includes:

    Bren Raleigh, MD; Physicians for a National Health Program, Buffalo Chapter

    David Ray, MD; Physicians for a National Health Program, Capital District

    Oliver Fein, MD; Physicians for a National Health Program, NY Metro Chapter

    Sunny Aslam, MD; Physicians for a National Health Program, Syracuse Chapter

    Bill Jordan, MD and Marc Manseau, MD; National Physicians Alliance 

    New York State Academy of Family Physicians

    Camille Clare, MD; Manhattan Central Medical Society

    Doctors for America, Mt Sinai

    Students for a National Health Program, Downstate

    Students for a National Health Program, Mt Sinai

    Add signature

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    Invest in the movement

    Donate below! We are a member-supported organization and cannot do this work without you. Your tax-deductible contribution, no matter how small or large, goes towards organizing that ranges from the production of informational materials, direct actions, work in the community, collaborating with medical students and residents, monthly forums, building leadership, keeping the lights on and more! We need you now more than ever! Thank YOU for volunteering, showing up, and donating to help grow the movement for universal healthcare and total health justice. 

    Choose the level of support that works for you:

    Make a one-time contribution below or become a monthly sustaining donor by clicking here to help make a lasting impact on our organization by providing a steady stream of funding that we can count on.

    Take the opportunity to become a member of national PNHP!

    To become a member, make a one-time contribution below of $250 or more!


    Become a monthly sustaining donor of at least $25/month - click here!

    Gift Memberships: To honor someone with membership benefits, please email to inquire.

    To contribute by check:
    Make checks payable to "PNHP-NY Metro" and mail to:

    PNHP-NY Metro Chapter, 310 W. 86th St. #6B, New York, NY 10024

    PNHP - NY Metro is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization; all donations are tax deductible.