Healthcare Professional Lobby Day & Rally for the New York Health Act: Tues. April 2, 2019

Healthcare Professional and Student Lobby Day & Rally for the New York Health Act: Tues. April 2, 2019

We are excited to announce that the NY Metro chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program, along with Students for a National Health Program, and members of the Social Medicine Residency program at Montefiore, are planning a statewide healthcare professional lobby day in Albany to advocate for the New York Health Act on TUESDAY, APRIL 2. We want to extend an invitation today to each of you here who are health professionals or med students to sign up for the bus. We’ll leave Manhattan at 7 am and return by about 7 pm. All of our groups, including medical students from Columbia, Mount Sinai, Downstate, NYU, Cornell, Einstein, Syracuse and elsewhere, plus other organizations of care providers, and hopefully many of you, will be going to Albany on April 2 to advocate on behalf of our patients for the New York Health Act.

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NYS Needs Guaranteed Access to: Reproductive Health Services – Contraception – Healthcare for All


Posted: Monday, January 21, 2019

New York State Needs Legislation Guaranteeing

Reproductive Health Services, Comprehensive Birth Control, and Healthcare for All

Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP) - NY Metro Chapter is excited by the upcoming vote in the NY State Senate and Assembly on the Reproductive Health Act (RHA) and Comprehensive Contraceptive Coverage Act (CCCA). We want to congratulate and thank the many activists who have finally made these changes a reality. Reproductive health is inextricably related to women’s health and autonomy, and these bills will importantly protect insurance coverage of contraception and availability of safe, legal abortion. In so doing, they bring the health of women in New York into the 21st century and protect obvious rights to bodily autonomy at a time when there is no guarantee of similar protection on the federal level.

As advocates of universal, publicly-financed single-payer healthcare, we believe that all women, regardless of insurance status, have a right to a complete set of reproductive health services. That is why we cannot preserve the current healthcare system, in which hundreds of thousands of women in New York are uninsured and countless more are underinsured. A system in which reproductive health is available only to those with insurance preserves a status quo in which women are stratified into those with access to those services and those without; those for whom abortion is an option and those for whom – even after the upcoming passage of these two new crucial laws – it simply is not. We do not believe such a system is just or reflective of New Yorkers’ values, and want to build off the gains made by those who have ensured the RHA and CCCA will be passed.

As such, the clear and critical next step following the RHA and CCCA is passage of the New York Health Act, which will itself expand upon the work of both bills by ensuring that all New Yorkers have access to reproductive healthcare along with every other form of health services. We will continue working in solidarity with those who have fought tirelessly for the RHA and CCCA. We welcome everyone to join us in our fight for single-payer healthcare for all New Yorkers.

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