Healthcare Worker Storytelling Training

Healthcare workers' stories are a powerful advocacy tool and an asset to all of our campaigns, particularly for passing the New York Health Act in 2022. To this end, we are organizing two storytelling trainings for healthcare workers (HCW) to develop storytelling as an advocacy skill. Participants will use personal narratives to illustrate how the current health insurance system causes harm through denials, delays, time wasted on paperwork and other burdens on HCW and patients, and will come away with a short video of their story.

We are seeking representation from a variety of backgrounds, medical titles and specialties: physicians, nurses, midwives, pharmacists, social workers, occupational therapists, dentists, mental health professionals, and more are all encouraged to apply for this competitive training opportunity.  

The training will take place over the course of two sessions: 

(1) a 2-hour virtual small group session on March 16 or March 17 with a facilitator from The Story Workers who will help participants craft powerful, concise stories for advocacy, and 

(2) a 45-minute session on March 19 to record the story. 

Time options are as shown below.  Participation in both the training and filming session is highly encouraged.  Please apply today! 

  • Cohort A: Workshop session: March 16th 7:15-9:15 PM EST | Filming session: March 19th 11:00-11:45 AM EST
  • Cohort B: Workshop session: March 17th 7:15-9:15 PM EST | Filming session: March 19th 4:00-4:45 PM EST

Following the session, PNHP-NY Metro will share and attempt to place these stories in the media to promote a single-payer healthcare system. Participants will have future opportunities to tell their story at rallies and hearings for the New York Health Act, and will be well-suited to public speaking opportunities for other advocacy campaigns.  

Please feel free to share the application with your networks. HCW from underrepresented backgrounds are encouraged to apply.