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The PNHP Metro Chapter is committed to building a truly statewide movement for universal single-payer health care. Your donations will help us to continue this important work. 

Who's donating

Sydney Leed
Sarah Outterson-Murphy
Tod Burtchell
Mustafa Awayda
Rebecca Garden
Susan Galbraith
Naomi Pless
Deborah Welsh
Margaret Morrison
Deborah Rose
James Bearden
Sandra Gowing
Susan Weber
Jonathan Flanders
Stef McGraw
Donna Fierle
Susan Glisson
Sean Montgomery
Michael Lax
Joel Potash
Peter Kozik
Betty Carlisle
Linda Griggs
Jenna Weitzel
Frank Cetera
Margaret Bombard
Mathew Wolcott
Azwade Rahman
Robert Synakowski
Erica Ilton
$9,458.00 raised
GOAL: $10,000.00
Contributions are tax deductible.