Student Advocacy Fund 2019!

Donate today to send a student to the Annual PNHP Leadership and Advocacy Training and National Conference in Philadelphia in November! 

This fund will also support our 2019-2020 Student Fellows, who coordinate the statewide network of 11 NY-Metro area SNaHP chapters who have been instrumental in building momentum for Medicare for All.

New York students have placed op-eds in the NY Times (first pro-single-payer piece in a decade!), Business Insider, City and State NY, Albany Times Union, and more. 

They organized a national SNaHP conference in March, drawing over 150 health professional students to New York City.

They were a major part in organizing the “Pharma Greed Kills” protest at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals against price-gouging and for single-payer with tough price negotiations as the solution. 

By contributing today to the Student Advocacy Fund, you can give students an experience that will have a profound impact on their careers, advocacy for their patients, and the future of healthcare in the U.S.




Who's donating

Martina Brunner
Karen Hoover
Margaret Snowden
Tyler Benedict
Carlyn Cowen
Ting Barrow
Peter Smith
Lawrence Corbett
Arthur Blank
Marc Lavietes
Bobbie Sackman
William Thar
Ni cholas Cunningham MD Dr P.H.
Marion Phyllis Cunningham
Amy Hsi
Steve Auerbach
John Norman
$1,350.00 raised
GOAL: $12,000.00
Contributions are tax deductible.