Student Advocacy Fund

Donate below today to send a student to the Annual PNHP Leadership and Advocacy Training and National Conference in November! 

This fund will also support our 2024-2025 Student Fellows, who coordinate the statewide network of 12 NY-Metro area SNaHP chapters which have been instrumental in building momentum for Medicare for All and the NY Health Act.

New York students have placed op-eds in the NY Times (first pro-single-payer piece in a decade!), Business Insider, City and State NY, Albany Times Union, and more. 

They have organized national SNaHP conferences, drawing over 150 health professional students to New York City.

They play a major role in our educational forums and demonstrations including a recent “Pharma Greed Kills” protest at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals against price-gouging and for single-payer with tough price negotiations as the solution. 

By contributing today to the Student Advocacy Fund, you can give students an experience that will have a profound impact on their careers, advocacy for their patients, and the future of healthcare in the U.S.



Contributions are tax deductible.