Care for Every Body 5K

Thank you to all participants and donors!

Graphic with red background featuring a white circle with red silhouetted figures going around walking, rolling, running, biking, etc. Many figures are holding signs in support of single payer. Red bold text in the center reads: Care for Every Body 5k Fun Run Walk Roll

On October 10, 2021, we ran, rolled, and strolled through the rain in support of a universal single-payer healthcare system!

Thanks so much to the nearly seventy-five people who showed up in-person to participate in our first Care for Every Body 5K! It was wonderful to see longtime supporters as well as to meet people new to the movement - and to the city.

Collage of pictures of people participating in 5k. Many are wearing red themed shirts, and others are carrying signs explaining why they support single payer.

We would like to especially commend our Care for Every Body 5K fundraising champions!

  • Friendraising Phenom Prize (participant who had the most individual supporters): Melissa Morrone
  • Fundraising Phenom Prize (participant who raised the most): Peter Steinglass
  • Team Fundraising Prize (team which raised the most): Students for a National Health Program at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons

And a special shout out to our fastest runner of the day, completing our loop in just over 17 minutes!

Collage of images of participants in red shirts - some on bikes, some with dogs, and one in a squirrel mask!  The lower part of the collage also features single payer masks.

Care for Every Body T-SHIRTS are still available for order, as are our single-payer face masks!

Trio of images of medical students holding multi-colored signs explaining why they support the New York Health Act. Most students are in purple t-shirts.

We greatly appreciate everyone who participated in-person and remotely or donated - it would be impossible to continue our work without your generous support. Thanks to all the contributions from our participants and sponsors, and the hard work of our volunteers, we raised over $10,000 to continue the mission of the New York Metro Chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program. 

More fun photos from the 5K can be found here!

Share your 5K photos! We would love to see them! You can upload them into this folder.

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