Betty Kolod's 2023 Fundraising Page

Betty & Bubbe

I became a doctor to help people, not to haggle with insurance companies for hours each day. You've heard what my patients deal with:

An elderly cancer survivor who uses plastic shopping bags on his colostomy because his plan won't cover his medical supplies. A man with severe alcohol use disorder who reached the lifetime limit on addiction services covered by his union health insurance. A woman who cannot speak after a stroke and must choose between a plan that covers speech therapy and one that covers home care. Just yesterday, I spent hours on the phone desperately trying to reschedule an urgent brain MRI for a man with new hallucinations after it was canceled over insurance coverage confusion.

My work with Physicians for a National Health Program-NY sustains me when our profit-driven healthcare system drains my will to practice medicine.

Last year I helped our chapter initiate a new, annual Universal Healthcare Legislative Advocacy Fellowship, training the next generation of health justice advocates. Serving as a board member of the NY Metro Chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program and as Chair of the NY State Legislative Advocacy Working Group, it is energizing to build power together and to fight back against the inequitable and racist for-profit healthcare system.

Please contribute what you can to help me reach my goal of raising $4,000 by June 20 to help support the work of our chapter to bring about the system change our healthcare system so desperately needs!

$1,520.00 raised
GOAL: $4,000.00
Contributions are tax deductible.