Can We Bring Single Payer to New York? by Leonard Rodberg, PhD
Dr. Betsy Rosenthal, PNHP-NY Metro board member, debates representatives from the Benjamin Rush Society at Mt Sinai and Yale.

Obama's “Health Insurance Reform" Is Simply a Bandaid

Leonard Rodberg, PhD
April 24, 2010 


Health Care in Obama's 1st Year
More of the Same is not Reform — It’s a Placebo

Leonard Rodberg, PhD
November 14, 2009 


On the Road for Single Payer
Adventures of PNHP's National President

Oliver Fein, MD
Feburary 2010 


PNHP's Case for Single Payer
Presented at the Student Leadership Training Session

March 8, 2008


Briefing of Covert Operations of Student PNHP Chapters in the NY-Metro Area

Agent Anthony Accurso, MS4, SUNY Downstate Medical School Brooklyn
Sept 17, 2009


Health Care Reform in Obama’s First 100 Days

Leonard Rodberg, PhD
April 21, 2009 


Reforming Health Care
Financing Health Care

Leonard Rodberg, PhD
April 1, 2009 


Are We Any Closer This Time? 
Lessons from the Century-Long Struggle for Health Care Reform

Theodore M. Brown
May 19, 2009


Health Care Reform Post-Election
What Is "Realistic"?

Leonard Rodberg
November 18, 2008 


Proposals for Health Care Reform
What Is "Realistic"?

Leonard Rodberg
September 25, 2008


Who Needs Insurance Companies
Why private health insurance companies should be replaced with a national health program

Leonard Rodberg
Updated early 2007


Saving Medicare: Watching our back while looking forwards

Laura S. Boylan, MD
March 27, 2007


Back to the Health Care Future: Candidates’ Proposals for Universal Health Care

Leonard Rodberg, PhD
November 6, 2007


Expanding Medicare: Is This a Route to Universal Health Care?

Leonard Rodberg, PhD
February 28, 2006


“Your Money or Your Life”: On Your Own in Bush’s Ownership Society
Consumer-Directed Health Care

Leonard Rodberg, PhD & Diane Archer, Medicare Rights Center
January 25, 2005


Rescuing Medicare

Diane Archer, President of Medicare Rights Center
Annual Meeting of Rekindling Reform on May 13, 2004 


The Business Case for National Health Insurance
Why business should support national health insurance

Leonard Rodberg, PhD
November 2006


PNHP-NY Metro Slide Show
An introduction to the problems with the U.S. health care system and PNHP's solution to them

Summer 2005