Medical Students and the Fight for Healthcare for All (Upstate Students for a National Health Program)


Now that we know the election results, we can breathe a sigh of collective relief! But, we cannot go back to how things were before. We are still in a deadly pandemic and the U.S. still does not have guaranteed, universal healthcare. Yet, poll after poll, shows that Medicare for All is overwhelmingly popular with voters and all incumbents Congress members running on support for Medicare for All won their races. If you want to make universal healthcare a reality, come learn about what steps you can take to join the fight! There is movement of medical student working alongside doctors and patients. Now is a great time to get involved!

Join us online Thursday November 19 at 7pm to learn about Upstate Students for National Health (SNaHP) and to hear our special guest Dr. Sunny Aslam who will be speaking on the NY Health Act, single-payer healthcare legislation that SNaHP has been fighting for here in in New York!

We will be sharing actions we can take collectively immediately during/after the meeting to advocate for the NY Health Act and Medicare for All. We hope to see you on Zoom!

RSVP below and you will receive the details to join in advance of the meeting! 

November 19, 2020 at 7:00pm - 8:30pm
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