Ready to do more to make healthcare equality a reality?


1) Become a member of Physicians for a National Health Program 

PNHP is completely member-driven organization. We don't take any corporate donation of any kind. Your membership is what keeps our advocacy for universal, single-payer health care strong.


2) Donate to the NY Metro Chapter of PNHP  

Financial contributions to Physicians for a National Health Program-NY Metro Chapter are tax-deductible. Your dollars will support the organization's efforts to educate and advocate for universal single-payer health care.




3) Request a Speaker

PNHP-NY Metro provides expert speakers to discuss health care reform and present the evidence that improved Medicare-for-All is the solution. We can present grand rounds, community forums, and trainings. 




4) Contact Your State Senator with this action tool:

The New York Health Act passed the Assembly four years in a row by a solid majority. The bill has a majority of co-sponsors in both the state Senate and Assembly. We need you to contact your NY state lawmakers and tell them you are a physician in support of the New York Health Act. Your call will make a difference!

5) Host a House Party or Workplace Meeting

House Parties are a great way to educate your friends, family, and colleagues about the benefits of the New York Health Act, and we can present at your work place for a variety of audiences. We can provide expert speakers and materials, you provide the guests. Email [email protected] to get started.

6) Watch and Share this 2-min animated explainer video