Roona Ray's 2023 Fundraising Page

I recently had a baby and I'm more pissed than ever that we have this fragmented healthcare system that tries to profit off people's health and sickness. I got a surprise bill from the hospital for her routine pediatric care right after she was born, even though I was told I was going to an in network hospital and everything would be covered. These kinds of predatory practices are routine in the health insurance industry and we need to get them out of healthcare. The patients I work with at a public hospital in Queens are living much more financially precarious lives than I, and it's unacceptable that any of us have to fight for the healthcare we need at the most vulnerable times in our lives. Healthcare is a human right! Get the insurance industry out! Single payer now!

Please contribute what you can to help me reach my goal of raising $4,000 by June 20 to help support the work of our chapter to bring about the system change our healthcare system so desperately needs!

- Roona Ray, MD, MPH

GOAL: $4,000.00
Contributions are tax deductible.