Eugenia Montesinos' 2023 Fundraising Page

Eugenia wearing scrubsAs a midwife I am outraged. We are facing unprecedented times in terms of women’s health, with bans on abortion, sky-high maternal mortality rates in BIPOC mothers, especially for black moms, and poor or non-existent mental healthcare for our immigrant population. To top this up many of my friends who are retired teachers are being forced to enroll in Medicare Advantage, more accurately called Medicare Disadvantage. This is really pissing me off and we need to stop it. Teachers worked hard to educate our children all their working lives just to have the city force them off of public Medicare benefits and onto this horrible for-profit program that has a history of denying care to those who need it most. It is outrageous.

We all need healthcare regardless of age, gender, religion, wealth, health or citizenship status and it should not be a business for insurance companies to get rich from. Healthcare is vital for any human being, and it is a right we all deserve. Please join me and help us to fight back against these profiteering health predators. Let’s pass single payer #PassNYHealth #MedicareForAll now!

I joined the board of PNHP NY Metro in 2022 and am proud of the work we do to help educate the public and grow the movement for health justice. Your donation below will allow us to keep working for all of us. Any amount you can contribute today will help me to reach my June 20 goal of $3,000 to support the work our chapter is doing to bring a change in our healthcare system. We desperately need a system that works for all of us, not just the lucky and privileged.

- Eugenia Montesinos, CNM, WHNP, MSN

$50.00 raised
GOAL: $3,000.00
Contributions are tax deductible.