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In memory of Dolores "Dev" Rogers

We are deeply saddened by the loss of Dolores "Dev" Rogers, longtime supporter of single-payer healthcare, PNHP, and our chapter. Dev passed away on Friday, April 7 and funeral services were held on Tuesday, April 11 at Plaza Jewish Community Chapel. Our sympathies to her family & loved ones.

From Dev's moving memorial tribute:
Dev was devoted to the cause of social justice on many fronts: in particular she was a longtime and vocal advocate for Universal Health Care coverage.  You can see her passion about the topic so beautifully captured in this video. 

Those who knew her remember her well for her lightning-fast retorts and comments, and her incredibly articulate excoriations of all kinds of hypocrisies, corruptions and injustices that she saw every day. Dev also saw beauty everywhere: she would often stop still in the street, struck by the profundity of a flowering tree or the first leaves of Spring, exclaiming in wonder.  She was always, always up for a party, and constantly looked for compatriots in revelry.  Dev was unbelievably kind, hilarious and caring, and she wanted every single person to have the best life possible. She was a complex, loving, wonderful human and we miss her tremendously.

Dev is survived by her husband Bruce; her son Mark and his wife Stephanie, and their children Lucy and Leah; her daughter Elizabeth and her husband Eugene; niece Marilyn and nephew David, and countless other beloved cousins and numerous friends.

In lieu of flowers, please consider making a donation towards the cause of Universal Health Care below.

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