The New York Health Act

The New York Health Act (S7590 | A7897) is legislation introduced by Assembly Member Amy Paulin and Senator Gustavo Rivera in the New York State Legislature. If passed, it will implement a universal, single-payer health care plan that will cover all New Yorkers and eliminate co-pays, deductibles, and skyrocketing premiums. 

Our campaign has dramatically increased support for the bill, and the bill passed the Assembly in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

In 2022, we achieved majority support in Albany and we continue to have a majority of NYS Senators and Assembly Members signed on as current co-sponsors of the bill. Here's the full list of cosponsors in the Assembly and the Senate. Read the bill summary and full text.

How you can help: 

1. Request a speaker

PNHP - NY-Metro provides expert speakers on single-payer healthcare in New York State.



2. Sign the Physicians' Letter

Make sure Albany hears from New York physicians and medical students that we want a single-payer healthcare plan.


3. Get Connected to a Statewide Movement

PNHP NY Metro founded a statewide coalition supporting the New York Health Act in 2014. We encourage you to join the Campaign for New York Health.

Get connected to other advocates in your neighborhood or hospital/clinic/medical school at info [at] or call 646-866-7671.