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    Review of Our 2024 Benefit Celebrating Single Payer Champions

    On Thursday, June 13, 2024, we gathered together to recognize the incredible work and sustained commitment of our inspiring 2024 Single Payer Champions!

    Oliver Fein, MD, Evie Jones Rich, PhD, Make the Road New York, and the recipients of our Community Activist Award, Richard Hollman and Kevin Deming, have each made significant contributions to our movement for single payer healthcare and health justice. You can read more about each of our honorees on the 2024 Single Payer Champions Honorees page of our website.

    We invite you to watch the recording of the celebration below, please share your own photos and view additional photos of the event, here, and view our digital program from the event, here which is filled with memorable photos and acknowledgements!

    To view the recording full-screen click here.

    At the celebration on Thursday, we additionally recognized the outstanding work of our outgoing SNaHP Student Fellows, Anna Koerner and Saumya Kasliwal, as they move on to residency, and Mandy Strenz for her indispensable contributions as an organizer with National PNHP on the Medicare Dis-Advantage campaign.

    We also extended a warm welcome to our incoming Student Fellows, and recent UHLAF graduates, Jennifer Sugijanto and Zachary Gallin, who we're excited to work with in the coming year.

    Our great thanks to each of our honorees, presenters, musicians, volunteers, auction donors, sponsors, supporters, student fellows, and our organizing team for making the evening such an energizing, resounding success!

    Stay tuned for an announcement in the near future for the upcoming premiere of Richard Hollman and Kevin Deming's next film featuring the New York Health Act! In case you missed it, you can click to watch their first short film below!

    To view this video full screen, click here.

    It is an honor and a joy to be in this movement alongside such dedicated advocates for the New York Health Act, Medicare for All, and protecting traditional public Medicare from privatization! We thank you all for your efforts and support!

  • Auction Payment - Celebrating Single Payer Champions

    Please submit payment for Silent Auction winning bids below.
    If you prefer to make your donation via check, please make it out to:
    PNHP-NY Metro
    310 W. 86th St. #6B,
    New York, NY 10024

    purchases: Only the excess of the purchase price over the fair market value is tax deductible. 


  • Silent Auction - Celebrating Single Payer Champions


    We have a number of wonderful contributions from our community up for auction this year!  Secure your tickets today to our Celebration of Single Payer Champions and check out a sneak peek of just a few of our featured auction items below. What you see here is just a sampling, we will have many more fun, beautiful, and delicious offerings up for bid in-person at the celebration!

    As Nature Sings

    The artist, Kathleen Moore, an RN and activist, began painting at age 70 when she retired, having led the first nursing protest in Jamaica, West Indies. Fair Market Value: $300

    Courtesy of Dr. Donald Moore, PNHP NY Metro Board Member, and son of the artist

    Wearable Art Necklaces

    Created by artist Shelley Herman, these statement jewelry pieces are made of many different semiprecious stones. Fair market value $450

    Courtesy of Dr. Carol Schneebaum


    A great package that includes a Private Tour of the Wonder Wheel with tickets for the Spook-a-Rama, the newest thriller roller coaster, the Phoenix, bumper cars, & Stop the Zombies in 4D. Fair Market Value: $250

    Courtesy of Betty Kolod, Board Chair, PNHP NY Metro


    2 hours of college admissions counseling by Zoom with an independent educational consultant, Dr. Robert D Kohen, who has been quoted in US News & World Report, Forbes, & various other media sites. Consultation can include assistance with choice of colleges, applications, essays, interviews, letters of recommendation, etc. Dr. Kohen is a highly regarded member of numerous educational organizations. Fair Market Value $600

    Courtesy of Dr. Robert D. Kohen, Educational Consultant, expires 1 year from date of purchase


    Champagne and Belgian Truffles. Fair Market Value: $100

    Courtesy of a French Diplomat

    The Magic Hour

    Framed Photograph signed by Doni Kendig, a photo-realist who captures extraordinary nobility & spirit of her subjects in their natural environments. Fair Market Value: $400

    Courtesy of Lisa Flanzraich

    Knit One, Purl, One

    Order a custom knit acrylic baby blanket from our own beloved PNHP Board member and former honoree, Dr. Elizabeth Rosenthal. Fair Market Value: $65.00

    Courtesy of Dr. Rosenthal


    Debra Kuppersmith, LCSW, MS, clinical social worker & psychoanalyst, is offering 2 consultations for someone interested in psychodynamic psychotherapy. Fair Market Value: $250

    Courtesy of Debra Kuppersmith, LCSW, MS


    In honor of our three Honorees, we are offering up for bid three beautiful calligraphy pieces created and donated by retired Assembly Member Richard Gottfried, author and original sponsor of the New York Health Act. Characters are read top down, from right column to left.

    The round seal in the upper right corner says “All under heaven is for the people,” a 2500 year old Chinese aphorism, a favorite of Dr. Sun Yatsen. The small characters and seal in the lower left corner are Richard Gottfried’s Chinese signature.
    Courtesy of Richard Gottfried

    Five Confucian Values
    “Benevolence. Justice. Propriety. Wisdom. Trustworthiness.”
    The small characters in the upper left corner say “Confucian values.”
    15" x 16.75"

    Can Lang River
    “When the Can (pronounced Tsahng) Lang (pronounced Lahng) River water is clear, I wash the tassels of my hat. When the water is muddy, I wash my feet.”
    From an ancient Chinese song, quoted by the ancient Chinese philosopher Meng Zi (pronounced Mung Dzuh). Meaning whatever the circumstances, do what you can.
    12" x 18”

    The Master's Way
    “The Master’s (Confucius’s) way is doing your utmost and concern for others, and that’s it.”
    The small characters in the upper left corner say “Confucius said.”
    12.5" x 20”


    Wood sculptures purchased on a mission to Mali. Fair Market Value: $85

    Courtesy of an Anonymous Donor

    Indian Teapot & Cups

    Brought to New York from India by A Public Health Student

    Courtesy of Dr. Martha Livingston, PNHP NY Metro Board Member


  • Meet our 2024
    Single Payer Champions!

    Click here to get your tickets today to join us on June 13!

    Our first 2024 honore is Dr. Oliver Fein! Dr. Fein's commitment to social justice dates back to his time as a college student in 1958-1962. Oli was a political science and history major at Swarthmore College where he formed a political action club to fight against racial segregation. He was inspired by the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and decided he needed a skill to work in the civil rights movement and applied to medical school.

    Following his first year at Western Reserve School of Medicine, Oli married Charlotte Phillips, who was also a medical student at Reserve. They decided to apply to Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) to start an Economic Research and Action Project (ERAP) in Cleveland. They moved into a poor white community with ten activists and worked on community organizing projects directed at building “the inter-racial movement of the poor.”  At the medical school, they helped create a chapter of the Student Health Organization (SHO) which advocated for community health projects that students from medical, nursing, dental and social work schools could participate in together. 

    In 1967-68 Dr. Fein started his internship in the midst of the Vietnam War. He was drafted and sought conscientious objector status which was granted by his local, but not by his state draft board. His three year legal struggle as a conscientious objector, took him up to the Supreme Court, during which time he could not continue in residency. In the interim, he worked on health policy issues with the Health Policy Advisory Center (Health-PAC), a new left think tank. In 1972, he returned to residency training at Lincoln Hospital in the south Bronx, a hotbed of political activism in the 1970’s. After completing residency, Dr. Fein was recruited to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, where he helped create the Division of General Internal Medicine. Besides practicing Internal Medicine, he served as Chief of General Medicine Outpatient Services.

    In 1986 Oli convened a nationwide conference on health policy, where he met Dr. David Himmelstein and Dr. Steffie Woolhandler, the founders of PNHP. Soon after, he formed the NY Metro Chapter of PNHP. In 1993 he went to Washington DC as a Robert Wood Johnson Health Policy Fellow, advocating for primary care as President Clinton took office with healthcare reform high on the agenda. He returned toNew York City in 1995 to serve as Board Chair of the NY Metro Chapter of PNHP. In 2009-10 Dr. Fein was elected and served as President of National PNHP. He then continued on to serve as Board Chair of the NY Metro Chapter of PNHP through December of 2023.

    Oli was ahead of his time in understanding the crucial role that primary care played in a just and effective healthcare system. This eventually landed him a position at Cornell Medical College as an Associate Dean for Affiliations, teaching medical students about domestic and international political issues, including the struggle for single payer healthcare reform.

    Dr. Fein is a household name in the field of health justice. As its leader for over 30 years, he built PNHP NY Metro into the largest PNHP chapter and has won innumerable awards from countless public health and policy organizations. He is a legend whose impact on civil rights and health justice is beyond extraordinary, so please get your tickets TODAY to join us on June 13 at 6PM to toast Dr. Oliver Fein and our other 2024 Benefit Celebrating Single Payer Champions who have contributed greatly to the struggle for healthcare justice! You can also contribute in Dr. Fein's honor here.


    PNHP NY Metro is deeply honored to present our Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr. Evelyn Jones Rich, a civil rights icon, at our health justice celebration on June 13, 2024. Secure your tickets to join us! 

    Dr. Evelyn Jones Rich has devoted her entire life to the fight for social & racial justice. With help from a scholarship fund to promote an inter-racial college experience, Evie became the first Black student to live on campus while attending Bryn Mawr College (1950-1954), where she will be attending her 70th reunion later this month! On day one at Bryn Mawr, she joined Students for Democratic Action (SDA), the student affiliate of Americans for Democratic Action (ADA),  where she learned to be an effective organizer, agitator, and advocate. In the words of John Lewis, Evie has always made “good trouble”.

    Evie Rich with husband Marvin & baby Gordon picketing American Airlines at Kennedy Airport 1962Dr. Rich and her late husband, Marvin, were true pioneers of the Civil Rights Movement. As a proponent for nonviolent direct action at CORE (Congress of Racial Equality), she began her struggle against segregation in the 1950’s. Evie and Marvin used the techniques of nonviolent direct action to confirm that the public facilities in Washington, DC, where then President Dwight Eisenhower had issued an executive order, were actually accepting Black visitors.  

    In New York City she organized sit-ins and picket lines that targeted major institutions, including Macy’s and the Daily News, to demand that they hire people of color. CORE published a booklet, “Cracking the Color Line”, which described this work that motivated a different generation of people, those who challenged the beliefs of their parents and universities. The Freedom Rides were the result of this work, having captured the imagination of so many.

    Evie interacted closely with the labor movement which supported CORE when her husband was its Community Relations Director, where he raised much of the money for the Freedom Rides.
    Evie wants to ensure that we never forget the historical significance of the Freedom Rides in 1961 and the multi-faceted role of Labor in the Civil Rights Movement. She is extremely proud to have developed with others a virtual museum,, which celebrates the labor movement and displays the cultural and artistic heritage of working people.

    Evie is an educator with a PhD from Columbia University in African Studies and Education. She is the co-author with Immanuel Wallerstein of an innovative textbook, Africa: Tradition and Change, which presents and analyzes original source documents revealing the panorama of African History. She was hired by Dr. Donna Shalala to be Dean for the Hunter College Campus schools in 1985 and to specifically identify gifted African American and Hispanic youngsters to integrate Hunter College elementary and high school. 

    As a lifelong member of Americans for Democratic Action (ADA), Evie has attended every ADA convention which is where she was first exposed to the idea of single payer healthcare by a passionate Cleveland physician. She believes that healthcare is not only a human right, but also a civil right. 

    Dr. Evie Rich, at left, rallying to defend Medicare from privatization; at center, rallying for reintroduction of the NY Health Act

    As a municipal retiree, Evie has energized the present struggle against New York City’s attempt to put its retirees into a Medicare Advantage Plan. She stresses that this is not just a retiree problem, but a fight for all of our lives. Evie strongly believes that Labor should revive their appetite for major worker rights reforms and seize the opportunity to support the current movement for single payer healthcare, which would be a momentous win for workers and their families, akin to having established the 40-hour workweek.

    Although Evie is retired, she is never tired. You will see her speaking out at rallies in the heat of summer and marching in frosty winter streets, conducting radio interviews, writing articles, and lobbying in Albany and DC, while continuously building strong coalitions and generously sharing her resources and hands-on organizing strategies. Her mother taught her to never accept “NO” as an answer; to always stand up for right and justice and to never look around, because all too often, she will be standing alone!

    Evie has been recognized with multiple awards from the most highly respected organizations for her lifelong accomplishments in civil rights. She is an icon for social justice whose impact on this country is nothing less than legendary. She insists that We, the ordinary people, drive society, change society, so like the Freedom Riders and CORE, we must strive to do the same for healthcare justice. Our work is just beginning!

    Please join us on June 13th to celebrate the remarkable achievements of this extraordinary civil rights and health justice icon, the beloved Dr. Evelyn Jones Rich. Contributions can also be made in Evie's honor, here.


    PNHP NY Metro is thrilled to announce Make the Road New York as our final 2024 Health Justice Award honoree. Get your tickets today for our 2024 Benefit Celebrating Single Payer Champions on Thursday, June 13, 2024 at 6PM, in person or on Zoom!

    Make the Road’s admirable mission is to build the power of immigrant and working class communities to achieve dignity and justice. They identify the core values necessary to improve immigrant’s lives and support them to reach their goals. In addition to policy advocacy, Make the Road is unique in providing direct services, such as food pantries, English proficiency and civics classes, youth and legal support, and organizing techniques to build the future of their communities. 

    Basic human necessities like housing and healthcare are extremely difficult to obtain, especially for immigrants who are undocumented. Yet undocumented people work, contribute to society, and pay billions of dollars into the US federal & state tax systems that fund healthcare. Make the Road New York is one of the lead organizations in the #Coverage4All Campaign to expand the Essential Plan, using available federal funds, to provide insurance for low income and immigrant New Yorkers, many of whom are currently excluded from eligibility for coverage because of their immigration status.

    Make the Road New York additionally sits on the Steering Committee of the Campaign for New York Health. They are staunch supporters of the New York Health Act which is our state single payer bill that would provide comprehensive, fairly-funded healthcare, including Long Term Care, for all New Yorkers regardless of income, citizenship, or any other status. Make the Road is thus one of our most dedicated partners in the struggle for universal healthcare.


    Please join PNHP NY Metro on June 13th in celebrating Make the Road New York for the remarkable work that they undertake in making peoples’ lives so much more meaningful, productive and humane. The work Make the Road does is essential to our movement to pass the New York Health Act and Medicare for All, and for health justice for all. It is our honor to recognize Make the Road New York’s remarkable accomplishments and dedication with the 2024 PNHP NY Metro Health Justice Award.


    In addition to our honorees named above, we are delighted to announce that, this year, we will also be recognizing two extraordinary Community Activists; Kevin Deming and Richard Hollman.

    Kevin Deming is a producer and filmmaker in the commercial and narrative world, working in both lighting and editing.

    Through his production company Working Artist Films, Kevin’s current push in directing comes alongside his desire to tell complex stories that shine light on the human condition. The opportunity to use his skillset to promote social justice excites him and he has been grateful to work alongside other talented creators like Richard Hollman in advancing these narratives.

    Richard Hollman is an activist, actor, writer, musician, and long time supporter of the New York Health Act having participated in all manner of advocacy for the state-wide single-payer movement including educational events, lobby days in Albany, phone banking, marches, bike rides, and die-ins.

    Rich was a TEDx speaker and is the founder of the all-volunteer run registered charity, Care Packages for the Homeless, now entering its 10th year. He also was once the improv coach to the Real Housewives of New York.

    Two firemen lean against a wall
    Click to view the short film on YouTube

    Rich and Kevin are the creative minds behind a memorable satirical short film, released in 2021 in partnership with the Campaign for New York Health, that reimagines a world in which fire departments operate like our dysfunctional healthcare system. The film features Rich alongside two other prominent New York Health Act supporters; New York State Senator Jabari Brisport and Assembly Member Zohran Mamdani.

    An all-volunteer effort, Rich and Kevin recruited a highly skilled crew to assist them in bringing their vision to fruition, each crew member contributing their time and expertise in support of the movement to pass the New York Health Act. Since its release, their film has garnered close to a million views across various online platforms. But that's not all!

    We are extremely excited to announce that Rich and Kevin's next film about the NY Health Act will be coming out later this Summer!

    We can’t share that film just yet but we can share a few photos taken during production as a little preview, to get you as excited as we are for its release!

    Stay tuned for an announcement about Rich and Kevin's next film's release in the near future, and join us on Thursday to celebrate their hard work and achievements! CLICK HERE to get your in-person or virtual tickets and to find more info!



  • Dr. Oliver Fein's Tribute Page

    We are thrilled to be honoring Dr. Oliver Fein at our 2024 Celebration of Single Payer Champions.  Oli has been Chair of the NY-Metro Chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP) for over 30 years and recently stepped down on December 31, 2023.  He remains an active member of the Chapter and is a strong supporter of its new Chair, Dr. Betty Kolod.  

    Please contribute below in honor of Dr. Oliver Fein's tireless work to advance single payer and to support PNHP and the NY-Metro Chapter and click here to secure your tickets to join us on June 13th.


  • Ad Info for Digital Program - Celebrating Single Payer Champions 2024 Benefit

    Purchase ad space in our digital program for your organization or use the space to send a special message to our 2024 honorees. The ads will be projected during the 2024 Reception Celebrating Single Payer Champions and distributed digitally to all supporters.

    You can see a sample of a past Digital Program here. (Note: this year's program will be formatted horizontally)


    $800: FULL-PAGE AD

    20" W x 11.25" H, (1920 x 1080px 16:9) min 300 dpi
    Social Media Promotion*
    2 Tickets Included


    $500: HALF-PAGE AD

    10" W x 11.25" H (960 x 1080px) min 300 dpi
    Social Media Promotion*
    1 Ticket Included



    10" W x 5.6" H (960 x 540px) min 300dpi

    *If you would like to be included in our social media promotion, please provide a version of your artwork that is square, along with any copy you would like as part of a caption.


    Friday June 7, 2024 by 5:00pm

    Send artwork or any questions to Morgan:

    Payment can be made by credit card below or by check.

    Make checks payable to "PNHP-NY Metro" and mail to our temporary mailing address:

    PNHP-NY Metro
    310 W. 86th St. #6B
    New York, NY 10024

    Samples from years past:















  • Sliding Scale Tickets - Celebrating Single Payer Champions 2024 Benefit

    We are thrilled this year to have a large enough space to be able to offer sliding scale tickets to our 2024 Benefit Celebrating Single Payer Champions.

    The suggested donation level is $25 for sliding scale tickets but all are welcome at whatever level you can give.
    Please contribute what you can to help support our work in the movement for single payer!

    We look forward to toasting our 2024 Single Payer Champions with you!


    Note: Contributions of $250 or more include membership in national PNHP!

  • In-person Tickets - Celebrating Single Payer Champions 2024 Benefit

    Purchase your selected in-person tickets to attend our 2024 Benefit Celebrating Single-Payer Champions below!
    We look forward to toasting our 2023 Single-Payer Champions with you!

    If purchasing tickets for 2 or more people, please list the ticket-holder's names in the comment box below!

    To make a different selection or for more information about our Benefit Celebrating Single-Payer Champions click here.
    If you are unable to attend in person, please purchase virtual tickets by clicking here!


  • Virtual Tickets - Celebrating Single Payer Champions 2024 Benefit

    Not able to join us in-person? Not to worry, simply purchase your virtual tickets below!
    People attending a virtual party on a tablet screen
    We understand that gathering in-person doesn't work for everyone and we are so thankful that the ability to hold virtual programming has made our events much more accessible to folks who are far away, disabled, busy, or even just commitment-averse!

    Our suggested tax-deductible donation for virtual attendance is $250 but - at any donation level - you are invited to join us on Zoom. We will email a Zoom link upon donation to all who contribute below and a reminder will be sent the day before the celebration.
    As an added bonus: Contributions of $250 and above include membership in national PNHP!

    We are so grateful to have your support and presence in this movement!

    Looking for info on attending in-person instead? Click here!


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  • published Lobby Day 2024 2024-03-31 18:48:42 -0400

    2024 Lobby Day to #PassNYHealth

    Collage of photos of NY Health Act supporters rallying in Albany & virtual zoom rally with text & qr code with date & info to RSVP

    On March 19, 2024, over 200 advocates, health workers, students and residents joined us in meeting with 13 New York legislators to urge them to #PassNYHealth and #Coverage4All, and to stop cuts to SUNY Downstate hospital.

    The recording of our morning orientation, with overview of the day, highlights of the legislation, and Q&A, is available here:

    Many people contributed to the success of our lobby day this year.
    Our great thanks to our UHLAF fellows, SNaHP fellows, Board mentors, and organizing team for their leading our cohorts, and to our organizational partners, listed below. And our deep gratitude to each and every person who joined us, sharing your stories, reporting back, following up, and taking on all of the roles required to hold these meetings and make our voices heard!

    Group photos from throughout the day are shared below!

    Additional Resources:

    • Lobby Day Orientation slides are here
    • Lobby Day Orientation transcript is here
    • New York Health Act Town Hall recorded on March 11 is here
    • Lobby Skills Training recorded on March 12 is here
    • Additional NY Health Act Educational Resources are listed here
    • Len Rodberg, PhD, Financial Analysis of the NY Health Act

    2024 Lobby Day Cosponsoring Organizations:

    ACT UP
    American Academy of Pediatrics NYS Chapters 1, 2 & 3
    Campaign for New York Health
    Chinese-American Planning Council
    Citizen Action
    Council on Interns and Residents SEIU
    Cross-union Retirees Organizing Committee 
    Doctors Council SEIU
    Dutchess County Progressive Action Alliance
    Green Party of New York
    Hudson Valley Demands NY Health
    Labor-Religion Coalition of New York State
    Metro New York Health Care for All
    National Association of Social Workers New York State Chapter 
    New York Doctors Coalition
    New York State Academy of Family Physicians
    New York State Nurses Association
    New York Progressive Action Network
    New York Public Interest Research Group
    Physicians for a National Health Program - NY Metro Chapter
    Students for a National Health Program
    The Coochie Coach
    Ulster Activists

    meeting group photo
    Advocates for the NY Health Act meeting with Assembly Speaker Heastie's office

    Advocates for the NY Health Act meeting with NY State Sen. Bailey's office

    Advocates for the NY Health Act meeting with NY State Sen. Addabbo's office

    Advocates for the NY Health Act meeting with NY State Sen. Kavanaugh's office

    Serrano meeting group photo
    Advocates for the NY Health Act meeting with NY State Sen. Serrano's office

    Advocates for the NY Health Act meeting with NY State Sen. Ryan's office

    Dinowitz meeting group photo
    Advocates for the NY Health Act meeting with NY State AM Dinowitz's office

    Gianaris meeting group photo
    Advocates for the NY Health Act meeting with NY State Sen. Gianaris' office

    Kennedy meeting group photo
    Advocates for the NY Health Act meeting with NY State Sen. Kennedy's office

    Skoufis meeting group photo
    Advocates for the NY Health Act meeting with NY State Sen. Skoufis' office

    Thomas meeting group photo
    Advocates for the NY Health Act meeting with NY State Sen. Thomas' office

    ASC group photo
    Advocates for the NY Health Act meeting with NY State Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart Cousins


  • published Student Advocacy Fund in Donate 2024-01-22 16:22:28 -0500

    Student Advocacy Fund

    Donate below today to send a student to the Annual PNHP Leadership and Advocacy Training and National Conference in November! 

    This fund will also support our 2024-2025 Student Fellows, who coordinate the statewide network of 12 NY-Metro area SNaHP chapters which have been instrumental in building momentum for Medicare for All and the NY Health Act.

    New York students have placed op-eds in the NY Times (first pro-single-payer piece in a decade!), Business Insider, City and State NY, Albany Times Union, and more. 

    They have organized national SNaHP conferences, drawing over 150 health professional students to New York City.

    They play a major role in our educational forums and demonstrations including a recent “Pharma Greed Kills” protest at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals against price-gouging and for single-payer with tough price negotiations as the solution. 

    By contributing today to the Student Advocacy Fund, you can give students an experience that will have a profound impact on their careers, advocacy for their patients, and the future of healthcare in the U.S.




  • published Ceasefire Statement 2023 2023-12-20 19:03:37 -0500

    The NY Metro Chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program Calls for an Immediate and Permanent Ceasefire in Palestine and Israel

    We at the NY Metro Chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP-NY Metro) believe that healthcare is a human right. As an organization of health justice activists that works tirelessly to transform our healthcare system from one that is unjust and profit-driven to one that is more just and based on principles of human rights, we urge President Biden & Congress to apply human rights principles and laws in both our own country and internationally.

    We join the growing movement calling for an immediate permanent ceasefire, the immediate delivery of humanitarian aid, the release of all hostages and detained people, and an end to violence and destruction. We stand in solidarity with the healthcare and humanitarian workers in Gaza as they work to provide care in a time of crisis, under conditions that do not support health and healing.

  • published Working Groups in Take Action 2023-07-18 14:37:03 -0400

    Join A Working Group

    Much of the work of our Chapter happens within our Working Groups. We have five main Working Groups dedicated to specific areas of our advocacy. Groups are volunteer-led and generally meet monthly (sometimes more, sometimes less). You do not need to be a physician or a member to join - we invite you to get involved!

    CLICK HERE to see the list of Working Groups and to sign up!

  • published Donate! in Take Action 2023-06-23 14:20:25 -0400

  • Robert Auerbach Memorial Gifts

    In memory of Dr. Robert Auerbach


    Dr. Robert Auerbach was a NYC dermatologist who practiced across NYU-Bellevue-Manhattan VA. During his residency at the University of Chicago (1960-1962) he moonlit for Dr. Quentin Young, making house calls for poor residents living in Chicago’s South Side.  He taught his 10 year old son, the future Dr. Steve Auerbach, in circa 1970 "what we need is Medicare starting at age zero."

    Thanks Dad and Mom for raising me to be committed to social justice including health justice.

    - Steve Auerbach, MD


  • published Judy Esterquest's Fundraising Page 2023-06-08 23:33:26 -0400

    Judy Esterquest's Fundraising Page

    Judy smiling at the viewerI joined PNHP-NY Metro after joining the Campaign for New York Health in 2017 — because I learned that PNHP is a parent of the Campaign, providing funding, guidance, and the engine of PNHP expertise.

    Then I discovered the completely enlightening monthly educational forums, the wealth of webinars, pptx, and articles within PNHP websites, and the extraordinary generosity of PNHP-NY Metro members. Much of the work is done by volunteers, but PNHP-NY Metro's paid staff manage the websites, the social media, the budgets, the emails, as well as organizing rallies and many of the events, not to mention keeping committees operating smoothly and forums meeting deadlines. Your donations (all tax-deductible) make a huge difference to how effective PNHP-NY Metro can be.

    Please contribute what you can below to support our chapter's work in bringing systemic reform to New York and US healthcare!

    Whether or not you can attend our Celebration honoring Single-Payer Champions on June 20th 6-8:30pm, contributions of $25 to $50 will make a real difference.

    Thank you for your support!

    - Judy Esterquest, PhD


  • Julie Schwartzberg's 2023 Fundraising Page

    Julie speaking into a bullhorn at a rally, wearing a blue \For my birthday on July 19, this year, I invite you to please contribute below on my behalf to help support the work of the NY Metro Chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program. I have served on the Board of Directors since 2022 and I can't say enough good things about the work that the NY Metro Chapter has done over the past two years in support of the NYC municipal retirees as we fight to keep our public Medicare benefits.

    Please contribute what you can below to help support the work of our chapter to defend traditional public Medicare and organize for truly universal, comprehensive healthcare - care that we all so desperately need!